Latest 10 Countries with Low Cost of Living and High Quality of Life 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about Latest 10 Countries with Low Cost of Living and High Quality of Life 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

Long-term travel and international living are very expensive, and certainly, if you choose a pricey country, your hard-earned money could not go very far. However, if you can stay in the majority of the world’s most affordable places to live and work, avoid popular but extremely pricey locations like Australia or Italy, it might be less expensive.

Why keep people in servitude in a downtown office when you might travel, experience different cultures, and make a good life abroad? One of the biggest draws for many people to relocate and work abroad is a reduced cost of living.

Although salaries may sometimes be lower, your expenses should be too. This page will let you know the top 10 countries with low living costs and high quality of life. 

Latest 10 Countries with Low Cost of Living and High Quality of Life

Check out the top 10 countries with a low cost of living but excellent quality of life.

    South Africa 

There are some affordable countries where English is spoken and is among the cheapest countries to live in; that country is South Africa. This country is the cheapest English-speaking country to live in. Not only can you get by without going to language school, but most South African towns also have a high standard of living, similar to Western cities, making the transition much more manageable. This made South Africa a strong contender as the cheapest English-speaking country to live in.

As if that is not enough, South Africa is also one of the most culturally and naturally diverse on the planet. From safaris to river rafting to zip lining to whale watching, you definitely will stay energized in South Africa.

  • Cost of living: Rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is about $350 to 500 monthly, 


China might not be your typical work abroad destination, but working there can be both very lucrative and affordable simultaneously. Salaries here are higher than in many other Asian countries, and the economy is booming, so you can choose from plenty of jobs.

Of course, big cities like Beijing and Shanghai will have a higher price tag, but salaries will also be magnanimously higher. China is a great country to explore, and many work abroad programs will usually host events and even throw in free Mandarin classes; hence, you can learn a whole new language there. 

  • Cost of living/accommodation: The cost of living in China is surprisingly low if you can avoid the most prominent cities. Rent for a bedroom apartment starts at $300, and a meal in a local restaurant costs about $3.

    South Korea 

This country is not the cheapest country you can live and work, but it is on this list because the salaries here are very competitive. Most work here often includes free accommodation, significantly reducing the cost of living.

Teaching English is the unmistakable work choice in this country since South Korea is one of the best destinations in the world for teaching English as a foreign language. The countryside is diverse and stunning, the food is incredible, and the people are amicable, making this place a great destination to work and save money.

  • Cost of living: though still higher than in Southeast Asian countries, Korea is still very affordable, with rents for 1-bed apartments at around $375 and restaurant meals from about $6.


Long before the movie ‘The Beach,’ travelers worldwide have been in love with this Country of Smiles, and only a list of the cheapest and best countries in the world would be complete with a mention of Thailand.

The living costs are meager here, including in big cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Beach resorts are more expensive but still cheap compared with other beach resorts worldwide.

Crystal clear waters, a culture, and delicious food make Thailand the perfect place to work and live. Above all, Thailand is one of the world’s safest and cheapest places.  

  • Cost of living: There’s every possibility to live comfortably with $600 in the city of Chiang Mai, for instance. Rent may be as little as $150 per month for your studio in a Western-style complex. You may see $1 meals at the food courts in malls, markets, and along street stalls. A monthly ride on a public bus starts at around $0.30.

  Costa Rica 

This country is undoubtedly the most popular in Central America, and for an excellent reason, not just because it is among the 10 cheapest countries to live in.

The reasons are its tropical beaches, lush jungles, and friendly locals that will make you immediately fall in love with this country and include its ‘Pura Vida’ vibe. And you can always stay safe while staying and working there, for Costa Rica is one of the most affordable American countries to live in. Here bargain flights from the US can also easily be found, which makes a trip to Costa Rica even more attractive. 

  • Cost of living: A meal in a resident restaurant will cost about $3-6, and rent is from $300-800 per month, depending on location and the apartment size. The local transportation is from $0.70 per trip.


For people who want to work and live in an extraordinary place but not pay a fortune, Vietnam should be your target as it is and will remain any budget traveller’s dream. It is among the cheapest and best countries to live in for expats.

There is plenty to see and do here, especially in the main cities like Ho Chi Minh city in the south, Nang in the centre of the country, and the capital Hanoi in the north, because most jobs are found in these cities.

The country has stunning landscapes to explore, delicious and mouth-watering local cuisine for foodies, and an adventure travel place.

  • Cost of living: Vietnam’s cost of living depends on the city or area you want to spend time in. Places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh are more expensive than rural locations, but the pay is much higher. A small apartment can be rented at about $250 a month while eating out costs around $1–3 per meal, but only if you stick to local restaurants or street food, and it is around $10 at Western-style restaurants. Transportation is very cheap, with local public transport costing about $0.30 and taxis costing $0.50 per kilometer.


 If you would love to work and live abroad in Europe but prefer to avoid the high price tags of countries such as France and Italy, try Eastern Europe. Bulgaria is one of the cheapest European countries to live in and has become a favorite among travelers.

The country’s central location is good for exploring the region, with countries like Turkey, Greece, and Romania on your doorstep. A modest budget will permit you to live like a king or queen in Bulgaria. 

  • Cost of living: Rent a 1-bedroom apartment is from $230 per month, a meal in an inexpensive restaurant is around $5, and a trip with public transport will cost as little as $1.


 Why travel further when Mexico is just a skip, hop, and a cheap flight away for most Canadians and Americans? Mexico has one or two to offer everyone. Think about turquoise Caribbean waters, Mayan ruins in the jungle, and laid-back beach towns on the Pacific Ocean.

And have we mentioned the street food yet? From tamales to tacos, aguas frescas to ceviche, the food isn’t only mouth-watering and super cheap. Suppose you avoid tourist traps like Playa del Carmen and Cancun and opt for more local destinations like Merida or Guanajuato. In that case, the living costs can be a fraction of those in Western cities. 

  • Cost of living: A one-bedroom apartment costs between $200-$500 per month, street food can start from $1 per meal, and a monthly pass for local transportation starts from $16.


Poland is yet another fantastic and affordable option if you have decided to work and live in one of the cheapest European countries. Though much less known than its neighbour Germany, Poland is gradually becoming a hotspot for international expats and travellers.

The big cities of Krakow and Warsaw are very modern and have all the Western amenities you can think of, but at half the price you would spend in Germany. Teaching is an option for a job, but there are also a lot of professional service job opportunities that can equally pay very well. 

In particular, because you can travel to the place without a visa as it’s part of the Schengen zone, citizens find Poland a destination of interest. 

Cost of living: Rent for a 1-bed apartment starts at around $350, and a meal at an inexpensive restaurant is only about $5. 


If you are having an s-lifetime adventure on a budget, Peru might be the perfect country for you because it is one of the cheapest countries to work and live in. Included as one of the cheapest countries in the world, your dollar will be a lot more valuable than in other South American countries.

Visiting Machu Picchu and Hiking the Inca Trail are musts for any visitor, though there are many other lesser-known gems to discover. Living and working in Peru gives you plenty of time to explore the Inca kingdom, from the Amazon rainforest to the dunes in Ica. 

  • Cost of living: Rent for a 1-bed apartment is as low as $250, while a meal in a local market will be between $1 and $ 3.

There are several great, incredibly affordable nations where you may live, work, and make fantastic money. Whichever low-cost nation you choose from our list, make sure to compare salaries and inquire about any perks or bonuses that can help you save even more money, such as free housing. And last but not least, you’ll have a fantastic adventure.

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