Here are the sites where you can earn money listening to music

I am happy to let you know about sites where you can earn money listening to music

If you’re a music lover looking to make some extra cash, signing up for music review sites is a great way to get started. These sites pay you to listen to music and provide feedback to help artists improve their craft. Easy Sign-Up Process, Most music review sites have a straightforward sign-up process that only takes a few minutes. Simply provide your name, email address, and some basic information, and you’ll be ready to start listening to music and earning money. No Experience Required You don’t need to be a music expert to sign up for music review sites. All you need is a love of music and a willingness to provide feedback.

They are being rewarded for nothing more than listening to their favourite music. This unexpected but growing possibility to generate money is becoming more and more popular. If this has aroused your interest, we strongly recommend that you read on to learn more about this exciting new prospect.

It is possible to make money just by listening to music, believe it or not. Although this unorthodox method of earning may seem absurd, more and more people are taking advantage of this opportunity.

Although it might seem like a far-fetched dream, it’s actually a reality to earn money while delighting in your favorite tracks. Of course, this depends on numerous factors including the size of your follower base, the specific websites you choose to associate with, and your capacity to provide numerous reviews pertinent to music business ideas.

It’s stress-relieving, calming and just plain fun. But still, you can actually earn money while listening to music.

This article is going to show you Legit sites to get paid for every song you listen to.

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Sites to Earn Money While Listening to Music

  1. Musicxray
  2. CurrentApp
  3. SliceThePie
  4. PlaylistPush
  5. WeLocalize
  6. HitPredictor
  7. Earnably
  8. RadioEarn
  9. Cash4Minutes
  10. FusionCash

Yes, you can earn money while listening to music. It’s not a way to get rich, but why not make money for doing something you already do anyway?

Some huge platforms like Spotify and many smaller ones you may not have heard about yet, need people to listen to music and write reviews. It’s a fun and simple way to make extra cash.

And, you could be influencing a new era of music!

All you have to do is download or sign up to the apps or websites listed below and start listening.

How to Get Paid to Listen to Music

Take a look at the best sites that pay you to listen to music in your spare time.

All these platforms are legit and want your opinion on the latest tunes for market research, to help new musicians and bands get better at what they do.

1. Musicxray

On this platform, you’ll find a ton of music from new composers and music artists. They have a section called ‘’Fan Match’’ where you can:

  • Sign up for free
  • Have music delivered to your inbox
  • Get paid to listen

The Musicray team says it tries to tailor the music they send to your taste (which you’ll be asked about on sign-up). But, if you really don’t like a tune, you can skip the track after 30 seconds and still get paid!

After listening to a tune you’ll be asked to write a short review. This helps emerging artists produce better music later on.

Pay is around $0.05 per song. Create your account and upload five of your favourite songs so they get an idea of your music taste.


2. CurrentApp

If you want to earn money by listening to music, the CurrentApp is worth checking out.

Once downloaded, the app allows you to search and play music from 100,000+ radio stations.

Every time you listen to music, you are paid points which can be spent on your favourite brands. Increase your earnings by inviting friends to use the CurrentApp.

Play music while you’re running, commuting, eating, working and lounging on the sofa. You can even record music from the radio stations and listen to it offline while you’re going about your day.

According to CurrentApp, some users earn up to $600 a year just by listening to music.

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3. SliceThePie

Getting paid to listen to music is easy with SliceThePie.

It’s an established platform, having been around since 2007 and it has over 2 million reviewers currently signed up!

To get your slice of the pie, click the ‘’sign up now’’ tab, fill out your details, start listening to music and leave reviews for cash. You can even get paid for your feedback on clothing and more to help big brands make decisions.

You must listen to at least 90 seconds of each track to qualify for payment. Try to give details in your review and show up on the platform regularly. The more activity you show; the more reviews you’ll get sent to participate in.

Pay is $0.02 per song review and earnings can be withdrawn twice weekly via PayPal.

4. PlayListPush

This platform allows people to earn money by listening to and reviewing songs.

Much of the music offered is from up-and-coming Indie artists who want feedback and help to promote their tunes.

To qualify as a PlayListPush curator, you need to own a playlist with real followers on Apple Music, Spotify or YouTube Music.

Pay is up to $12 per review and if you like a song, you are encouraged to add it to one of your playlists for exposure.

After you’ve been on the platform for a while, artists can pitch their songs directly to you. This site is a win for both sides. You get paid to listen to new music and the artist gets feedback and exposure from getting their tunes.

You can request a payout anytime and get paid directly to your bank account.

5. WeLocalize

WeLocalize is another great place to earn money while listening to music.

However, it works a little differently, requiring you to listen and write out the lyrics, instead of just writing a review.

It’s basically a transcription job where the focus is on music. The company has over 1,000 registered transcribers who have transcribed over 15,000 songs, with 60,000 in need of transcription.

So you can see, there’s an opportunity here to make a decent amount of side hustle cash.

Go to the platform and sign up for a free account. Once accepted, you’ll get sent tracks each day that need transcribing.

Pay is around $4 per song and you need to be a US citizen to work on this platform.

6. HitPredictor

HitPredictor allows you to influence new music before it’s released and get paid for it.

Your opinions influence record labels, record producers, artists and radio stations on what gets released to the public.

On the platform, create your own free account. Listen to new songs and tracks that get released to the website and leave your review.

For every 30 minutes you spend on the platform, listening and reviewing music, you get paid $5. Earnings are redeemed via Amazon Gift Cards.

7. Earnably

Earnably is a well-established platform offering many ways to make money online such as listening to music videos, taking surveys and completing small tasks.

You receive points for each task you complete, which can be redeemed for instant cash rewards or free gift cards. You can even earn money by listening to online radio and by inviting your friends to the platform.

For every friend who signs up through your link, you get 10% of their earnings moving forward for a lifetime!

Once you earn $2 or more, money can be withdrawn via PayPal or Bitcoin.

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8. RadioEarn

Maybe you listen to live radio already? If you do, why not create a free account on RadioEarn and start making money for your time.

Simply register by filling out your details, start listening to live radio stations and earn points for every 15 minutes. The points are converted to US dollars the following month and can be redeemed via bank transfer, Bitcoin or Amazon Gift Cards.

This service is available worldwide and if you have a website, you can add the RadioEarn API to it which allows your users to listen and top up your earnings.

9. Cash4Minutes

If you want to earn money while listening to music, Cash4Minutes is a popular platform worth trying out.

You will need a landline number or mobile plan that gives you free minutes to get started.

Once your free account is created, you can make money by listening to live radio stations. It works by recognizing when you are connected and listening to a live broadcast.

You can even add multiple numbers to build up your rewards more quickly. Just hit the ‘’sign up’’ tab, fill in your details and follow the instructions to attach your phone to the service.

Pay is reportedly $0.08 for every minute you’re listening to a live radio channel. Their website states they’ve paid out over 11 million since 2014!

10. FusionCash

Fusion Cash offers paid micro opportunities such as filling out surveys and watching music videos. You do need to be a resident of the United States to take part though.

You can earn $5 just for signing up to the platform and once inside, you’ll find current opportunities available right in the dashboard.

After you pass the $25 earning threshold, you can withdraw your money on the 20th of each month.

To bump up your earnings, refer friends to the platform to receive commissions.

The websites mentioned above are simple ways to earn money while listening to music.


Can I earn money by listening to music on Spotify?

Spotify doesn’t pay its users to listen to music. However, artists can start a creator account and upload their music to the site. You’ll earn for every stream over 30 seconds.

As a Spotify user, if you have a popular playlist you can make money with it on Playlist Push by applying to be a curator.

Does Listening to music make you a lot of money?

Listening to music is an enjoyable side hustle, but it won’t make many people a lot of money.

However, it’s an easy way to make a few dollars extra each day just by doing what you’d already be doing – playing music.

To make real money, think about joining music focus groups, DJing at large events or starting a music podcast where you can earn from advertising and promotions.

Do I need a PayPal account to get paid for listening to music?

Many of the music sites mentioned in this article pay through Paypal so it’s a good idea to set up an account if you don’t have one.

But, if you don’t want to, apply to work on the sites that pay through bank deposits or gift cards.

Conclusion: Now you know many ways to earn money while listening to music. if you love music, this is a great way to get paid for your passion. To bump up your earnings, sign up for multiple platforms.

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