Jobs in Canada Visa Sponsorship 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about  Jobs in Canada Visa Sponsorship   2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

Are you hoping to work in Canada to begin a new chapter in your career? It can be difficult to find a job that sponsors visas, but with the correct strategy and tools, it is doable.

This post will go over how to get a job in Canada that will sponsor your visa, from polishing your résumé to building the necessary connections.

Whether you’re a graduate or an experienced professional, this guide will provide the tools and tips to make your dream of working in Canada a reality.

What Is a Canada Sponsorship Visa?

A Canada sponsorship visa allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor a foreign national to come to Canada to reside permanently.

The sponsor must prove that they have enough income to support the sponsored person and their dependents and must also sign an agreement to provide for their basic needs for a while.

The sponsored person must also meet specific eligibility criteria, such as passing a medical exam and security clearance.

Once the sponsorship application is approved, the sponsored person can apply for permanent residence in Canada.

Different Ways to get a Canada Visa Sponsorship

There are several different ways to obtain a sponsorship visa for Canada, including:

  • Spousal sponsorship: This type of visa allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor their spouse or common-law partner for immigration to Canada.
  • Parent and grandparent sponsorship: This type of visa allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their parents or grandparents for immigration to Canada.
  • Family Class sponsorship: This type of visa allows Canadian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor certain family members, such as siblings, nieces, nephews, or grandparents, for immigration to Canada.
  • Adopted child sponsorship: This type of visa allows a Canadian citizen or permanent resident to sponsor a child for immigration to Canada if the child has been adopted outside of Canada.
  • Caregiver sponsorship: This type of visa allows Canadian employers to sponsor foreign caregivers to work in Canada.
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate grounds sponsorship: This type of visa is for individuals who are not eligible for sponsorship under any of the above categories but need protection and support

List of Companies That Can Sponsor Visa in Canada

Here is the list of companies that can sponsor visas in Canada:


Scotiabank is a globally-operating corporation based in Toronto, Canada, providing banking and financial services.

It is also one of the largest banks in Canada, ranking third in terms of deposits and market value, and is part of the “Big Five” Canadian banks.

The company offers a variety of career options, allowing individuals to select roles that align with their interests and passions.

Working in the Retail Banking team would be a good fit for those who enjoy building relationships.

Alternatively, those interested in expanding their knowledge in finance and revenue can explore related job opportunities.

 Google Canada

Based in Toronto, Canada, Google Canada boasts an international team of employees. As one of the Canadian companies that sponsor foreign workers, it offers a diverse range of job opportunities across various professions such as Engineering and Technology, Legal and Retail.

Google is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace that does not discriminate based on race, colour, skin type, national group, disability or gender. To increase your chances of being hired by this global company in Canada, having several years of experience in your field and fluency in French and English would be beneficial.


KPMG Canada, a company specializing in auditing and tax advisory services based in Vancouver, is one of the insurance companies in Canada that sponsors foreign workers.

They provide employment opportunities in the financial industry for experienced executives and teachers and offer diverse job options in the education market.

Diversity and transparency are at the core of their recruitment process, making them a highly inclusive and welcoming workplace for all employees to share their ideas and feel valued.

 National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada, established in 1793, is a venerable institution and one of the oldest banks in the world. Despite its long history, it remains a major player in the Canadian banking industry, offering its customers a wide range of financial products and services.

Known for its reliability and reputation for quality, the National Bank of Canada has consistently provided excellent products and services, earning the trust of its customers and being one of the sponsors of foreign workers.

Mob Squad

Mobsquad is a company that helps US businesses take advantage of Canada’s business-friendly environment by providing options for setting up offshore subsidiaries. They offer various services, including immigration support, payroll, legal and tax assistance, accounting and management, human resources, and resettlement services.

This is particularly helpful for technology workers in the US who cannot obtain work visas and wish to live in Canada. Mobsquad hires qualified foreign workers and assists them in navigating the complex and costly immigration process. Both US companies and foreign workers stand to benefit greatly from this partnership.

Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Inc., headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, operates the largest natural gas distribution system in the United States and continental Canada, serving customers in Ontario and Quebec.

The company has a reputation for being an innovator in energy distribution in North America and is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange (ENB.TO). Enbridge employs over 12,000 people, primarily in North America.

PWC Canada

PWC Canada is a renowned professional services network that has been delivering exceptional service to organizations across Canada for over 100 years. They sponsor foreign workers and cater to both private and public clients. Their services include consultation, risk management, assurance and audit, analytics and data, and tax.

Final Thoughts

Finding a job in Canada that will sponsor your visa can be challenging, but it is possible with the right approach and resources. The key to success is understanding the Canadian job market and the specific industries more likely to sponsor foreign workers. Networking, building strong relationships with potential employers, and demonstrating a strong work ethic and relevant skills are also critical to securing a sponsorship opportunity.

It is essential to know the different types of visa programs available and consult a professional immigration lawyer or consultant for guidance on the application process. Following these tips can increase your chances of finding a visa sponsorship job in Canada and achieving your career goals in this vibrant and diverse country.

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