The Top 10 Immigration Attorneys in Edmonton 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about  The Top 10 Immigration Attorneys in Edmonton 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

Most people want to immigrate to Canada, primarily based on Canada’s welcoming attitude towards new immigrants and refugees. If you are interested in moving to Canada with your family and loved ones or maybe in establishing a cross-border business in Canada, then this article is for you.

Here we will be exploring reasons to move to Edmonton, Canada, and also offering you a list of the 10 best immigration lawyers in Edmonton. We will be providing you with their contact addresses as well. First, let’s look at why you should consider moving to Edmonton.

Why Consider Moving To Edmonton

Edmonton is Alberta’s capital city, with a population of over one million. It is the largest city, only second to Calgary. It is a metropolitan city that offers an excellent quality of life for residents and is located in the province’s central region.

Edmonton is home to many companies and large businesses, which always provides employment opportunities for residents. Also, you will find small and mid-size logistics companies that hire drivers, moving assistants, and loaders.

Edmonton is known for its history, culture, natural beauty, and attractions. The city boasts excellent schools and facilities that make it an ideal city for families to raise children.

This Canadian city has built a great community that one can describe as home: a place to work, shop, thrive, and relax for both tourists and locals. Here is a little fun fact to help you love Edmonton even more: Edmonton is considered one of the sunniest cities in Canada.

​Who is An Immigration Lawyer?

An Immigration lawyer is a solicitor who advises you on your eligibility as an applicant, on the appropriate processes to bring a loved one into Canada, or on the processes involved in obtaining Permanent Residence, Work, or Study Permit.

Processes an Immigration Lawyer Can Help You Handle:

  • Express Entry,
  • Study Permit,
  • Work Permit,
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP),
  • Temporary Resident Visa,
  • Citizenship Applications,
  • Business Immigration,
  • Judicial Review and Immigration Appeals,
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds Application,
  • Inadmissibility and Detentions,
  • Stay of Deportation and Removal from Canada,
  • Refugee Protection Claims,
  • Restoration Applications,
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), etc.

Here is a list of the 10 best immigration lawyers in Edmonton, Canada:

1. Simon K Yu Law Office

The law practice of Simon is primarily focused on immigration and refugee litigation. He is an immigrant who immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong 40 years ago. Simon has handled over 2,000 cases for clients in over 120 countries.

He has over 24 years of experience advocating for clients before all four divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board (Refugee Protection Division, Refugee Appeal Division, Immigration Appeal Division, and Immigration Division).

Simon is known for resolving challenging cases and regularly represents clients on  Humanitarian and Compassionate applications, Pre Removal Risk assessments, and Spousal Sponsorship applications.

Simon regularly volunteered at the Edmonton Community Legal Centre and has delivered presentations on immigration and refugee laws to agencies supporting immigrants and refugees in Edmonton.

Simon talks about his challenges as an adult immigrant, especially regarding the language barrier and racial discrimination. As such, Simon understands the hardship and challenges that come with immigration. This drives his focus and commitment to help as many clients as possible resolve their immigration and refugee issues.

2. Shawar Law

Shawar Law is a law firm with a primary focus on immigration. The law firm boasts over fifteen years of experience in immigration matters. From your first interaction with them as a client, Shawar Law exudes confidence and efficiency.

At the firm, you can see the difference between an immigration consultant and an immigration lawyer. They handle immigration cases in the following areas:

  • applications for permanent residence,
  • applications for temporary residence,
  • Other visa applications and citizenship applications.
  • Hearings and appeals before the Federal Court of Canada, Immigration Appeal Division, and the Immigration and Refugee Board.

The law office has lawyers with specialized training and education in immigration matters. The client’s reviews show the law firm has the requisite knowledge, experience, and qualifications to handle any immigration issue.


Singh Law Office is known for its priority in solving conflicts respectfully. They employ negotiation and other alternative dispute-resolution mechanisms to live up to this core value.

They keep every client in open communication and provide timeous and well-researched advice to their clients.

Singh law office has excellent experience in handling immigration matters ranging from the following areas:

  • litigation appeals,
  • admissibility hearings,
  • refugee cases,
  • Pre-removal Risk Assessment Applications,
  • Humanitarian & Compassionate cases,
  • Inland and Overseas Spousal and Family Class Applications,
  • Family Class Sponsorships,
  • temporary residence (study permit, work permit, visitor VISA),
  • Provincial Nominee Programs and permanent residence.

Their focus at Singh Law is not only on a client’s immediate need but on the far-reaching consequence of each step. They also closely monitor the policy changes in Canadian legislation. They are always committed to providing clients with the highest standards of professional service. Their services are offered in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and Urdu.


B.Kay Law Office is founded by Bikramjit Singh, a Barrister & Solicitor in Edmonton, Alberta. He provides immigration services to clients who require representation.

B.Kay Law Office is known for its commitment to providing excellent and effective legal services to clients in a cost-friendly manner. The law office has built trust over the years among the Edmonton community and is known for the core values of Trust, Excellence, and Respect.

Mr. Singh is known for his outstanding professionalism, legal knowledge, and timeous approach to client needs. He offers services in English, Punjabi, Hindi, and Urdu. He is a respectable member of the Law Society of Alberta & the Canadian Bar Association. When searching for a lawyer in Edmonton who can listen and puts your best interest first, then we use B. Kay Law Office.


Mr. Ranbir S. Thind has successfully built a law practice in Edmonton for over 18 years and is experienced and knowledgeable in handling all immigration matters. He has appeared before various courts and authorities, representing his clients on diverse immigration-related cases.

Mr. Thind’s law office is determined to win every client’s case through diligence and hard work. The Law practice assures clients of precise and excellent representation. He has appeared before divisions of the Immigration & Refugee Board of Canada, the Federal Court of Canada, the Provincial Court of Alberta, and the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta.

In his practice, Mr. Thind believes in stating facts and having a realistic goal. Therefore, they provide clients with an unbiased assessment of their legal issues and offer the various options available to such a client. He is undoubtedly one you want to have on your side during an immigration case.


The McCuaig Desrochers LLP law firm boasts experienced lawyers tasked with assisting multinational corporations in tackling their cross-border needs.

The firm’s lawyers have achieved academic excellence, and two have taught immigration law at the University of Alberta.

The firm stands at the forefront of raging immigration issues in Edmonton and across Canada. They have helped businesses and individuals achieve their diverse immigration needs. They assist clients in determining the best immigration route for themselves and their loved ones.

They assist clients in the following areas:

  • Applications for Permanent Residence
  • Express Entry Applications and Invitations to Apply
  • Assistance with Electronic Applications for Permanent Residence (e-APRs)
  • Sponsorship of Family Class Members
  • Work Permit applications and extensions
  • Study Permit applications and extensions
  • Labor Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)
  • Appeals before the Immigration Appeal Division of the Immigration and Refugee Board (“IRB”)
  • Hearings before the Immigration Division of the IRB
  • Provincial Nominee applications under the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  • Applications to the Federal Court of Canada concerning immigration matters (judicial review applications)
  • Canadian citizenship issues


Rozmahel & Rozmahel is a firm of lawyers that offers services in many areas of immigration. The firm is owned by two brothers who have combined their wealth of experience and knowledge in immigration and citizenship law to deliver top-tier service to clients in Edmonton.

The firm offers all clients a free initial assessment wherein they review your documents and qualifications and then determine if you qualify for any Canadian Immigration programs. This is certainly a firm that values the resources of its clients. Both lawyers are Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) and members in good standing with the CICC.


Rachael J Anderson is a lawyer whose sole focus has been on immigration and citizenship-related matters since her call to Bar. She volunteers with the Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers (CARL) litigation project.

She has handled applications and appeals for families, businesses, and refugees. She has steadfastly represented her clients before different levels of the Immigration and Refugee Board. She is a member of the Alberta Law Society and an Executive at the local Canadian Bar Association (CBA) Immigration Section.

Racheal regularly volunteers by providing immigration legal services pro-bono to clients needing representation or consultation. She speaks Mandarin Chinese and, in her spare time, loves to share a ride with her kids.


At Andrew Law Office, you will come across a friendly, highly motivated, and determined team who will do all it takes to provide you with the best. They are driven by the facts of the case and prepare beforehand in-house to deliver nothing but the best service to their clients.

The Law team possesses a solid work ethic and will tailor personalized services and attention to the firm’s clients. They are experts in immigration needs and offer their services in the following areas:

  • Family sponsorship – spouse, parents, and dependent children
  • Refugee claims and appeals
  • Permanent residence applications
  • Canadian citizenship applications
  • Provincial nominee applications
  • Work permit applications
  • Business Immigration
  • Visitor visa applications
  • Study permit applications (including advising on school admission processes)
  • All immigration appeals
  • Judicial reviews of IRCC decisions
  • Detention hearings & ministerial appeals
  • Stay/appeal of removal orders
  • Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) preparation
  • In-home caregiver applications
  • Parent’s/grandparent’s “super-visa” applications
  • Authorization to return applications, etc.

Andrew Law Office is known to provide clients with honest, unbiased advice at all times. They have been known to deliver pro-bono services in Canada and internationally. They have represented hundreds of individuals through religious organizations, small community groups, NGOs, and cultural associations.


Deol & Nagpal Law Firm LLP is made up of a team of committed lawyers who provide professional legal services at cost-effective prices. The law firm is determined to serve all clients with zeal and dedication.

The firm was founded by Birdavinder Singh Deol, in partnership with Amanpreet Singh Nagpal. The partnership provides each client with personalized service that answers their specific needs. Their focus is hinged on protection of client’s rights and helping them solve their problems.

The Law firm has a range of legal services it provides and chief among them is on immigration and citizenship law. They point out the importance of legal representation when dealing with an immigration matter. They understand the overwhelming nature of the Canadian immigration application process and therefore offer their services to help clients understand each stage of the process and why the wait is required.

Deol & Nagpal Law Firm LLP offers guidance and assistance to applicants who want to partake in the Canadian Experience Class (“CEC”) program, the Family class or Spousal Sponsorship, visitor’s visa, or Super Visas, and clients who required representation before the Immigration Appeal Division (“IAD”), as well as Judicial Review applications and Federal appeals.

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