Vancouver: 10 Best Immigration Lawyers 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about Vancouver: 10 Best Immigration Lawyers 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

Every year, hundreds of new immigrants arrive in Canada. Canada is a democratic country concerned about its citizens’ health and welfare. It is a country that is greatly appealing to call “home”; proactive about its economic and environmental future.

The immigration laws of Canada are very complex and change continuously. Because of this, people desirous of immigrating to Canada are encouraged to seek legal and professional help instead of treading the murky waters of Canadian immigration and citizenship laws without guidance.

It leaves little to wonder that Canadian immigration lawyers are eager to assist people in realizing their dreams of settling in Canada.


In this article, we will discuss the 10 best immigration lawyers in Vancouver. But first, let’s find out why anyone would want to live in Vancouver upon immigration. Vancouver has been consistently ranked as the most livable city in North America.

The city boasts a blend of amazing immigrants from Britain, Ireland, France, Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. There is a great mixture of traditions, foods, and languages fused to form the bond that holds the city together.

It is, therefore, not surprising that Vancouver celebrates the Chinese New Year. The city is located on the western coasts of Canada, a great place to learn the mix between the Canadian way of life and great English skills. The city truly offers something special for everyone.

Vancouver offers all the comfort of home and offers you opportunities to thrive. The city has stunning architecture, boasts more parks than any other city, and an amazing natural beauty. With your immigration application granted, you’ll need a great settlement to ease into.

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10 Best Immigration Lawyers in Vancouver

During immigration cases, you need to make your one-shot count, so having an experienced and efficient lawyer every step of the way is crucial. Here is the list of the 10 best immigration lawyers in Vancouver.

 Goldman Associates – Canadian Immigration Law Firm

Goldman Associates is a law firm managed by Ian Goldman, a lawyer highly experienced and skilled in Canadian Immigration law. Ian has over 29 years of experience as an immigration lawyer. His law firm is licensed to help you obtain all permits in almost every region in Canada.

In 1992, Ian graduated from the University of British Columbia with a law degree, and in 1993, he was admitted to the British Columbia bar. His legal representation of individuals before Citizenship and Immigration Canada and all provincial immigration authorities is permitted.

Ian Goldman belongs to the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Section and the Law Society of British Columbia. In addition to presenting numerous papers at conferences for immigration lawyers, he has taught immigration courses at Simon Fraser University. Additionally, he offers free, pro bono assistance to Canadian customers and refugees in need.

He is skilled in delivering the following immigration services to clients;

  • Work Permit
  • Study Permit
  • Visitor Visa or Visitor Record
  • Super Visa
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)
  • Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)

You can visit the law firm at Suite 300 – 1275 West 6th Ave Vancouver, British Columbia, V6H 1A6, Canada. Call +1.604.900.3259 or email for more information.

 Kahlon Immigration Law

It is no news that Canadian immigration laws and procedures are continually changing and complex. Kahlon Immigration Law is renowned for its ability to represent various types of Canadian immigration clients.

The law firm boasts lawyers with practice experience of over a decade. They take pride in providing clients with efficient legal services. The law firm works as a team to ensure its clients get the best possible outcome from the immigration system in Canada.

Each client’s services are tailored specifically to meet their peculiar needs. The team boasts of lawyers who can ensure the chances of your application succeeding the first time.

The Law firm’s efficiency is unrivaled as they ensure every ‘t’ in your application is properly crossed before each application is sent in. they are always happy to render professional legal services to people from diverse cultures. They, therefore, ensure every client is comfortable and at ease throughout the immigration process.

You can email or call (604) 336-8650 to book an appointment for your immigration matters. Their office address is 1285 W Broadway #600, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8, Canada.

 MKS Immigration Lawyers

MKS is a law firm based in Vancouver, British Columbia, that renders immigration services to clients in Canada and the rest of the world. The law firm has been severally recognized as one of Canada’s Top 5 Immigration Law practices.

The lawyers at Maynard Kischer Stojicevic (MKS) are renowned for their professionalism and expertise in handling tough immigration matters. They have provided individuals, universities, NGOs, and companies with strategic legal advice to resolve immigration and citizenship-related issues.

Their focus has primarily been on Canadian immigration and citizenship law, which has given them an edge over other local law firms in Vancouver. They seek nothing but to present their clients with a deep-seated knowledge of how immigration and policy work.

You can visit MKS at Suite 600, 688 West Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1P1, call 604-632-0188, or email for more information.

 McCrea Immigration Law

Deanna Okun-Nachoff is a lawyer at McCrea Immigration Law. She joined the law firm in 2010 and has ever since set the trailblazing. She is one of the best immigration lawyers in Canada and has proven by her track record that there is hardly any immigration case she cannot crack.

Deanna worked for so many years as the executive director and staff lawyer of a non-profit that protects the rights of foreign live-in caregivers. This experience has provided her with experience and knowledge second to none on any live-in-caregiver-related issues.

She also has a penchant for cases around medical inadmissibility, human trafficking, and litigation on immigration matters before the Federal Court and the Immigration and Refugee Board.

She has a deep compassion and desire to better the lives of everyone she comes across. Somehow, Deanna finds time to speak at conferences and grassroots organizations.

You can email to schedule an appointment with her. Call +1 604 662 8200, or visit the firm’s webpage at

 Larlee Rosenberg

The law office of Larlee Rosenberg was originally founded in 1993 and later restructured in 2009 as a partnership. With the partnership between Peter Larlee and Ryan Rosenberg, the law office has become one of the largest immigration firms in Vancouver.

The law firm boasts a collaborative approach to the issues presented by its clients. They have decades of experience pooled together by the lawyers in the firm. The firm’s staff and attorneys put forward a great deal of effort to offer its clients effective, results-driven services. They enjoy their solid client relationships, commitment to professional practice, and clients’ triumphs.

The firm offers services to individuals, families, business owners, investors, and organizations of all sizes in more than a dozen languages through its multilingual lawyers, staff, and network of qualified interpreters.

You can visit the firm at Suite 600, Randall Building 555 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1Z6 Canada, or call 1-604-681-9887 to schedule an appointment.

 dRN Law LLP

dRN Law LLP is an immigration law firm in Vancouver that prides itself on delivering excellent professional service to its clients. The law office prides itself on its efficiency and client-centricity. Clients are sure they will have their cases handled by professionals and won’t have their cases pawned off to paralegals, law clerks, or immigration consultants.

Clients are assured that not even a tiny part of their case, like form filling, will ever be outsourced to a service center. Every part of your immigration process matters to them.

The law office has also built a structure that responds quickly to the needs of its clients. The team at dRN Law is experienced enough to make fast decisions or resolve issues rather than having them moved around through a chain of command.

The law firm is known to deliver its services in a friendly and personable manner. They are fun to work with and offer fair prices for their services. You can rest assured that your immigration issues will be handled carefully and diligently.

You can visit dRN Law at 1021 West Hastings Street, 9th Floor Vancouver, British Columbia V6E 0C3, call  (604) 638-9800, or email for more information.

 Sas & Ing Immigration Law Centre

Sas and Ing’s Immigration Law Centre is renowned for providing its clients with advice and assistance on all immigration-related matters. Their clients range from individuals to families and businesses. Corporations seeking to do business internationally are not left behind either.

Their immigration services include the following;

  • Work and Study permits,
  • Permanent Residence applications
  • Express Entry,
  • PNP,
  • Family Sponsorship,
  • Citizenship and Citizenship Appeals
  • Federal Court Judicial Review applications.

Catherine A. Sas, K.C.  is a lawyer with the law firm who has been consistently recognized in Canada as an immigration expert. She was voted Vancouver’s Best Immigration Lawyer in 2021 for the tenth year.

In addition to taking part in continuing legal education seminars, appearing before parliamentary committees to discuss immigration issues, and speaking at international conferences and symposiums, Catherine has participated in Team Canada and Team British Columbia trade missions to nations like Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, China, Hong Kong, and the United States.

You can contact Catherine at or call +1 604 689 5444 to schedule an appointment.

 Suleman & Co.

Zool Suleman is the founder of Suleman & Co.

He received his law degree from Dalhousie University in 1989 and worked as a law clerk in the appeal division of the Federal Court of Canada from 1990–1991. Before starting his practice, he interned at a large national law firm (1992).

Mr. Suleman is a founding member of the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association, the Law Society of British Columbia, and the Canadian Bar Association. He limits his practice to Canadian immigration law because of his vast experience.

Additionally, he has given lectures on immigration and social justice issues at Simon Fraser University, the University of Windsor’s Department of Communications, and the University of British Columbia’s Law School. He teaches law courses at Douglas College on a sessional basis.

The Best of Georgia Straight Magazine selected him as the city’s “Best Immigration Lawyer” in 2011, placing him first, and again in 2012, 2013, and 2016.

You can visit his law office at Suite 1500 – 701 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, V7Y IC6. Email or call 604-685-8472 for more information.

 YA Law Corporation

YA Law Corporation is a cross-border immigration law office in Vancouver. The law firm is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses determine their goals, take the necessary steps, and immigrate to countries of their choice. They are legal experts on US and Canadian Immigration laws.

They pride themselves in offering clients swift, affordable, and professional immigration services. They understand how difficult the immigration process can be and are determined to offer their clients expert advice and legal services.

The law firm considers trust and integrity as its core values. They are always interested in providing their clients with the best possible outcome. Below is a list of some of the services offered by YA Law on immigration matters;

  • Business Immigration
  • Immigrant Investor
  • Self-Employed Program
  • Start-Up Visa Program
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Spousal sponsorship
  • Parent and Grandparent Super Visa
  • Dependent Child Sponsorship and Other Sponsorship
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Express Entry
  • Inadmissibility
  • Temporary Resident Permit
  • Criminal Rehabilitation

You can call the law office at 604-620-9598 or contact one of their  Vancouver Immigration lawyers at

 David Aujla

David Ajula has lived all his life and has a similar story as most immigrants. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he has made simplifying the immigration and citizenship processes for clients a life goal.

His father was an illegal immigrant, leaving his young wife and daughter in a small Indian village with a promise to return as soon as he had made enough money. His father and many others like him evaded immigration for years and mounted a challenge when finally caught.

With the changes that came with the Canadian Citizenship Act in 1947, David’s father reunited with his family and gave birth to David in Canada. He attended universities in BC and Ontario with degrees in Biochemistry, Philosophy, and Law.

He received his law degree from Western Law School in 1974 and has been an attorney for over 40 years. His only area of expertise is Canadian immigration law, and he counsels clients worldwide. He belongs to the British Columbia Law Society and the Canadian Bar Association’s Immigration Subsection. Sometimes, he has delivered speeches at immigration conferences sponsored by the Canadian Bar Association and to boards, civic organizations, and real estate firms in Victoria, Vancouver, Vancouver Island, and the Gulf Islands.

Visit David’s practice at 247- 2628 Granville Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6H 4B4. Call 604-630-2244 or email to book a consultation.

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