South Africa Childcare & Creche Fees

We gladly inform you about South Africa Childcare & Creche Fees

Parents with children under 18-months have the option to leave your child in a crèche or educare centre that specialises in care for babies and toddlers up to the age of three.

How much is a kindergarten in South Africa?

1 Johannesburg, South Africa 248.80
2 Pretoria, South Africa 240.76
3 Cape Town, South Africa 214.51
4 Durban, South Africa 192.93

How much profit can a daycare make?

In a smaller center that can accommodate thirty kids, with six full-time staff, annual profit could reach R20,000 to R30,000.

This is based on a monthly rate of R2500 per child. Net profit for your business will change according to your unique business model.

How do I start a daycare in South Africa?

a business plan containing: the business hours of the partial care facility.

the constitution containing the: name of the partial care facility.

an original copy of the approved building plans.

an emergency plan.

a clearance certificate.

a health certificate from the local municipality.

How much are school fees in South Africa?

Day school fees are also slowly escalating across the board, with at least 40 other schools now priced over R120,000 a year (or R10,000 a month).

Childcare centers in South Africa typically open at 06.30 and can look after your child for up to 12 hours. Expect to pay fees of around R1500 to R4500 a month depending on where you live.

Pre-schools in South Africa provide full day education, half day or three-quarter day. However, parents that work full-time should be able to find childcare facilities that accommodate Grade R children after school hours.

Many after school facilities provide space for children to continue their school work, whilst others focus on sports or games that are educational and fun for students. Each after-school runs their own program so you will probably need to look around for the most suitable option for your child. Childcare and creche fees vary between establishments.

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