Nurse in Finland  2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about  Nurse in Finland   2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

How to immigrate to Finland in 2023 as a nurse will be covered in this post. Finland is one of the nations where there is a high demand for competent and qualified nurses to immigrate and work there.

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What Are The Requirements For Nurses In Finland?

Nursing is a well-recognized and respected profession that requires one to have obtained enough knowledge to provide healthcare services to patients.

In Finland, nurses usually obtain their education at the Universities of Applied Sciences (UASs). The degree obtained includes the registered nurse’s qualification. Also, one would need to have spent between 3 to 5 years to gain massive knowledge and also be able to practice.

Which Type Of Nurse Is Most In Demand?

Different types of nurses provide healthcare-related services which are mostly in demand compared to others. A registered nurse (RN) is the most in-demand type of nurse which is most needed or required by various health-providing agencies.

Are Nurses Paid Well In Finland?

Yes, nurses are well compensated in Finland. They earn up to $64,270 or $31.40 per hour for healthcare services provided in the hospital or health agency. Also, these nurses are open to obtaining several bonuses for the level of services they provide to a diverse number of clients.

Which Country Can I Work As A Nurse Without IELTS?

Many countries do not necessarily require IELTS before you can work as a nurse. Germany is one of the countries where nursing jobs are available without the need for IELTS. If you have the skill and experience, you can reside and work in Germany.

Is Finland Good For Nurses?

Yes, Finland is a good place for individuals looking to work as nurses. Currently, it has an increasing demand for nurses given the need to help patients and also elderly homes which are numerous in the country.

Can I Study Nursing In Finland Without IELTS?

Yes, you can study nursing in Finland without IELTS. Currently, IELTS is not required for Finland Student Visa and one can conveniently apply and obtain admission to study at Finnish Universities.

How To Migrate To Finland As A Nurse In 2023

A nurse can migrate to Finland to work but there are some things that one must consider before looking to move. Below are some of the vital things related to migrating to Finland that a nurse must consider.

Nurse Application In Finland

The official website of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Employment and Work in Finland offers correct information on what one would face when relocating to Finland to reside and work. Below are some of the necessary things one should do;

• An individual would need to obtain a qualified degree or any equivalent degree from Finnish University in Nursing.

• One can apply for the Nursing TopUp program if they have completed their bachelor’s degree in nursing outside Finland, have job experience, and has intermediate Finnish abilities.

• One must have a nursing license to work in Finland. To work in Finland, you must apply for a license from the National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health (Valvira).

• Foreign nurses must have Finnish or Swedish proficiency

Visa Type

An individual would require a residence permit to work without any restrictions in Finland. Before one comes to Finland, one must apply for this residence permit as it is very important and required for any foreign worker.

Also, you would need to have searched for a job in Finland before the residence permit card can be issued to you. One would need to have either an employed person’s residence permit or any other type of residence permit that enables one to work.

Registration and Practice

The National Welfare and Health Supervising Authority (Valvira) offers one the right to practice as a licensed professional upon application. Any individual who operates as a healthcare practitioner without a license may be imprisoned or fined in Finland.

Also, all healthcare providers in Finland must be capable of communicating in either Finnish or Swedish. One can apply for membership in either the Finnish Nurses Association and Tehy or the Finnish Union of Health and Social Care Professionals once you have registered as a nurse in Finland with Valvira.


It is feasible to immigrate to Finland as a nurse, but one needs take certain procedures, such as getting a degree, getting a residence permission, and getting a license to practice nursing. We hope that this post will give readers enough knowledge to move to Finland in 2023 as a nurse. Please share your thoughts and comments in our comment area.

Note: If you have questions or corrections regarding this post, kindly use the comment box below.

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