Official NATIS Licence 2024-2025 I Application, Online Bookings & Status Check

We are pleased to inform you about NATIS Licence 2024-2025 | Application, Online Bookings & Status Check

Those who can’t find a spot can request that one be assigned to them within 30 days once it becomes available.

These positions become available when previously filled ones are cancelled for a variety of reasons. This opportunity is only available if you create a profile with the system.

The request a slot feature is only available for driving licence card renewals and PrDP applications (Professional Driving Permit). When registering, you must specify the Driving Licence Testing Centers (DLTCs)

You must indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice DLTCs. The reason for this is so that if your first choice does not have a slot available and one opens up in your second or third choice, then the place is reserved for you.

Slots Information
Slot release for DL Card Renewal will be on the following hours: 12:00 noon and 16:00.
Slot release for PrDP Application will be on the following hours: 12:00 noon and 16:00.
Slot release for LL and DL Test Application will be on the following hours: 9:00 a.m.; 13:00 and 18:00.

Once you have finished your registration you will receive an SMS or email which is ONLY a confirmation of your registration and NOT an allocation of a slot. The system will allocate a slot to you within 30 days of registration. Once a slot is available you will receive a further SMS or email indicating the DLTC, date and time of your slot is reserved for you.

This is a very important thing to do next; accept the slot allocated to you within 24 hours of being notified else the system will believe that you didn’t like that one and will queue you up for another when it opens up. However, if you accept the slot and do not show up then you will not be allowed to request one again but rather you will have to keep checking the site regularly till you find an open slot to take for yourself. Remember to use your active phone numbers and check your emails regularly if you opt for this.

Everyone interested in applying for a learners drivers licence, renewing their expiring licence, vehicle/car licence or getting a temporary driving licence from Gauteng should visit the natis online services website to book an appointment for their renewals to be done.

The services available on the website are booking for a learners licence test, driving licence test, driving licence card renewal, Prdp application, motor vehicle renewals and querying driving licence cards.

New schedule for opening slots for Learner’s Licence Tests and Driving Licence Tests:

The opening of Learner’s Licence (LL) and Driving Licence (DL) Test slots was changed from 8 March 2021. The following is what currently applies:

The City of Tshwane will open their LL and DL test slots every Monday
The City of Johannesburg will open their LL and DL test slots every Tuesday
The City of Ekurhuleni will open their LL and DL test every Wednesday

Please note that Merafong, Mogale City and Sedibeng DLTCs will open Learner’s Licence Test Slots and Driving Licence Test Slots daily. Slots opened every day will be released between 09h00 and 18h00

How to Renew Your Licence Using NaTIS Online Booking Services (eNatis)

NaTIS ( ) is a system organised by the RTMC to help facilitate online booking, registration processes and driver’s licence card renewal for South Africans. Currently, the system is operational in Gauteng and Eastern Cape. Hopefully, other provinces will have it rolled out soon to them to reduce queues while making it easier and more orderly to renew various licenses.

The process is as follows below.

A Guide Natis Online Booking Service for Drivers License Card Renewals, Vehicle License Renewals, Learners Licence Test, Driving Licence Test and Prdp Applications.

  1. Visit their website to begin. Ensure that you have quick internet else the whole process will be very slow for you.
  2. Select your province. Whether Eastern Cape or Gauteng province to continue. The page will load an interface for you like below.
  3. Select the reason for which you are booking. For instance, if you are there for license renewal, select create a profile if you don’t have one.
  4. After creating your profile, go ahead and choose the booking you want to book for. whether driver’s license booking or vehicle renewal.

NATIS Contact Number

Should you face any difficulties, NATIS can be contacted directly for assistance and clarification. Contact them using the following:

Telephone Number: 0861 400 800
Email Support:

  • If you wish to cancel a Learner Licence Test or Driving Licence Test booking then you must visit the DLTC where the booking was for, to cancel the booking
  • If you made a booking for a Driving Licence Card Renewal or Application for a PrDP then you must send an email to in order for the cancellation to be done
  • Please note: In the subject line of your email please follow this example: Cancel Booking for ID12345678″
  • Required documents to attach: ID Copy and Booking Confirmation as PDF

Note: If you have questions or corrections regarding this post, kindly use the comment box below.

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