Mifotra Login – mega account & e recruitment 2024-2025

We are pleased to inform you about Mifotra 2024-2025 | Rwanda e-Recruitment Jobs

As a matter of fact, Mifotra is the official Rwanda government e-Recruitment Job portal. Therefore, whenever there is any vacancy the authority started hiring people through this portal.

MIFOTRA Recruitment Portal 2024-2025

Republic Of Rwandaministry Of Public Service And Labour has made a new e-recruitment portal called MIFOTRA. To work with Rwanda, all job seekers must register themself. This portal works as Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment Portal. Here applicants are required to create a profile then if any job is available they can apply it through an online e-recruitment system.

IPPIS supports all of the Civil Service Reform objectives and in particular those relating to improving the quality and the cost-effectiveness of public services. The MIFOTRA sectoral strategy sets out the priorities and next steps in the Government’s drive for excellent public services for all. Achieving greater efficiency in the public sector is a key element of this agenda. IPPIS also supports the delivery of the e-Government agenda and the NICI plans.

  • Recruitment Portal
  • SelfService Portal
  • IPPIS Support

On 28 May 1997, the coordination of Labour returned back to the Ministry of Public Service and regained the name of “Ministry of Public Service and Labour with the following responsibilities:

  • Find and recruit competent employees in Public Institutions;
  • Initiate strategies to promote work in the private sector;
  • Training workers in Public and private;
  • Strategies to increase productivity and fight for Employees benefits;
  • Update laws on Employees and Labour;
  • To set up new politics on salaries and Employees Welfare;
  • Training and reintegrating Employees from exile.

How to Register at Recruitment Mifotra?

  1. Register

    Registration allows you to subscribe to notifications when new positions become available, to apply for jobs and track the progress of your pending applications Start here
    User name
    Email address
    ID Number
    Confirm password

  2. Complete your profile

    A complete profile will make it easier to apply for jobs. Update your profile

  3. Apply for a job

    Find a job that matches your skills and send them in your online application. View available job openings

Official website is recruitment.mifotra.gov.rw for Rwanda Civil Service Recruitment Portal.


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