Official MasterChef Junior Australia Auditions 2023-2024 | Application, Judges & Dates

We are pleased to inform you about Masterchef Junior Auditions 2023-2024 Application, Judges & Dates-read full details below

Are you between 9 – 14 and love to cook?

We are looking for Australia’s best young chefs and bakers to join us in the MasterChef Kitchen for a new series of Junior MasterChef! Applications are now open and we look forward to welcoming you into the MasterChef family.

Welcome to Junior MasterChef Australia!

We are looking for amazing young cooks aged between 9 and 14 years from all over Australia to apply for Junior Masterchef Australia.

In order to participate in the program, you must be:

  • At least 9 years of age by 25th May 2020; and
  • No older than 14 years of age by 1st August 2020.

If you love cooking and want to show off your skills in front of our judges, you can apply to take part and have the chance to be crowned the next Junior MasterChef Australia!

What we’re looking for:
  • You need to be very enthusiastic about cooking and spending time in the kitchen.
  • You need to be adventurous and open to learning new skills.
  • Ideally, cooking is something that you do often
  • You need to have cooked dishes on your own before (or under your parent’s supervision).
  • You need to have several things you can cook for the judges.
  • You need to be prepared to take some criticism (the judges may like some of what you cook, but there is also a chance they may not like other things about it).
  • The judges will be looking for how well you can cook and how delicious your food tastes, but they will also be looking for your potential. This means you may not be perfect at everything now but you could be one day.
  • And you can’t be scared of being on camera!

The Junior MasterChef Australia Audition Process

The most important thing to remember is that many thousands of Australian kids will apply to be on Junior MasterChef Australia and we value every single application we receive.

Unfortunately, there are only a limited number of places available on the show – so don’t be disappointed if you’re application is not successful this time – please continue to enjoy cooking, and we hope you and your family enjoy the series when it’s on TV.

What happens from here?

Once you’ve submitted your application, you could receive a phone call from our casting department. They will want to conduct a skype with you and your parent/guardian to find out more about you and your cooking and potential involvement on Junior MasterChef Australia. Please note. not all applicants will be contacted by our casting department.

Filming Dates

If you are selected to be a contestant on the show you will need to commit to 6 consecutive weeks of filming in our Junior MasterChef Australia studio in Melbourne during the period on or around July/August 2020. If you make it through to the finale you could win the title of Australia’s next Junior MasterChef!


The application is split into a series of sections and questions and will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. You will also need to upload a video of you presenting a signature dish you have just cooked.

Your parent or guardian must sit with you while you answer the questions to see what you write and they must read through and agree to all the terms & conditions and give consent for your involvement in the series. The full terms & conditions are at the end of this form.
Terms and Conditions

Please remember:

  • To participate in the program, you must be:
    • At least 9 years of age by 25 May 2020; and
    • No older than 14 years of age by 1 August 2020.
  • You need a clear photo of your face ready to upload as part of the application.
  • You must have your parent or guardian’s permission before completing and submitting the form and your parent or guardian must read all your answers and the relevant terms & conditions and agree to them for the application to be considered.
  • You and your parent or guardian must be available and able to commit to all the filming days required, as outlined in the terms & conditions.
  • Your parent or guardian must accompany you on all auditions and filming dates as required by the Producer.
  • If you are currently attending school, your parent or guardian must get permission from your school to obtain a leave of absence for the dates required by the Producer.
  • The closing date for applications is 5pm on Friday (Sydney/Eastern Standard Time), 22 May 2020, so make sure you get your application in before then.
  • Please do not contact the casting department to check on the status of an application. The casting team will contact you if they require any additional information.
  • Once you have registered, you may return at any time before the closing date to complete your application. Make sure you record your login details in order to re-access your application form. Your application will only be submitted once you have agreed to the terms and conditions.

Note: If you need help or you have questions or corrections regarding this post, kindly use the comment box below.

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  1. Hi I’m jack I’m 11 years old I love cooking I cook every night for dinner I love trying new recipes I love master chef especially love cooking deserts

  2. Hello I am Kiara Moodley.I am 10 years old and I am from south Africa.I love Master chef.I love to cook and bake. I would love to be Master chef.

  3. Hi I’m Mfana and I love cooking and being in the kitchen and exploring new ideas every day. I’m very enthusiastic,consistent and competitive. And I truly deserve a chance to show the world what I’m capable of doing inside the kitchen.

  4. Hi I’m Mfana and I am a young home cook.i love cooking and being in the kitchen and exploring new ideas and cooking techniques everyday. I would love to show the whole world what I’m capable of doing inside the kitchen .I’m really passionate about cooking. I’m enthusiastic and consistent I’m also very competitive.

    1. I know I’m South African and not Australian but they are very little to no opportunities in SA for children like me so I tried around the world

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