How To Use Celbux With NSFAS Wallet

We are pleased to inform you about How To Use Celbux With NSFAS Wallet

Any student enrolled in a university or a technical and vocational education training institution in South Africa can use a Celbux account with an NSFAS wallet, provided that he/she has a registered account. This is possible as a result of the fact that the National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) has integrated Celbux’s technology with its wallet system. The platform’s adoption derived from its ease of accessibility, operations, and secure payment architecture.

By the platform’s design, payments and account registrations attract no cost in form of fees and charges and are free of the intricate procedures common to conventional banking. The NSFAS wallet allows registered students to access funds and allowances available under the National Student Financial Aid Scheme. The NSFAS Wallet is available through USSD and web channels.


By using Celbux with NSFAS Wallet, registered users can perform withdrawal transactions. For the purpose of withdrawals, users are required to complete a two-phased process. The first phase requires the possession of valid cash vouchers. Cash vouchers can be created by performing the following actions:

  • Dialing a designated short code, *134*176#, and inputting NSFAS wallet password in the consequent interface.
  • Selecting Cash Voucher from the list of options and filling in the desired amount in the space provided thereafter

The second phase of the withdrawal involves visiting a merchant who has partnered with the NSFAS and Celbux. The transaction involves the presentation of the valid cash voucher created in the first phase. This voucher is exchanged for cash or airtime as determined by the user’s withdrawal preference through the NSFAS Wallet.

It is worth noting as well that having a registered NSFAS wallet remains a key requirement for anyone who wishes to complete the actions and steps outlined above. To register an NSFAS wallet, one has to do the following:

  • Dial *120*176# and follow the verification and authentication prompt in the consequent window.

Upon successful receipt of the password through text and account verification, the shortcode can then be used to access the NSFAS wallet.

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