Green Card Holders, Visa-Free Countries for US  2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about  Green Card Holders, Visa-Free Countries for US 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

If a person is going to a nation that has accorded US Green Card holders and US citizens the same privileges, they can travel abroad with their Green Card.

Therefore, if you look at a country’s visa policy, make sure it states that US citizens and permanent residents who hold Green Cards are free from requiring visas. The full list of nations that will not require visas from US green card holders in 2023 may be found in the article below.

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Complete List of Visa-Free Countries for US Green Card Holders in 2023

Citizens of the USA can travel without a visa to about more than 140 countries of the world. Because of this, some of these countries have extended the same privilege to the US permanent residence permit, otherwise known as Green Card holders.

There are several countries that US green card holders can visit. Neighboring countries like Canada and Mexico are just two of them.

Below is the complete list of visa-free countries for US Green Card Holders in 2023

  • The British Virgin Islands
  • Mexico
  • Aruba and Curaçao
  • Costa Rica
  • Georgia
  • The Balkans
  • Singapore
  • Canada
  • Peru

Be sure to check with a US embassy beforehand as some green card holders may not be allowed to enter these mentioned countries for some reasons. 


US Green Card holders are allowed to travel to Canada without having to acquire a Canadian visa. They are, however, required to get an Electronic Travel Authorization ( ETA), a temporary permit to enter Canada. This will also allow you to board a flight. 

Once you ha acquired the eTA, you will need to show it to the officers at the immigration at the entry point in Canada, with your passport and Green Card, and you will be allowed to enter the country.

Can everyone with a Green Card travel to Canada?

Of course, regardless of nationality, everyone with a US Green Card can enter Canada without obtaining a Canadian visa. But if you are crossing the border by road, you need your passport and Green Card. Just that you are required to get an ETA before traveling by air to Canada, you will have to get an eTA.


Mexico, another neighboring country to the US, also allows green card holders to enter without a visa. You are not expected to apply for a Mexican visa, regardless of nationality.

But you will still have to get a Mexican Tourist Card in any of the following ways:

  • Online, after which you should print the Tourist Card and take it with you when you are traveling.
  • On the flight if you are traveling on air. The plane crew will issue them as you are ready to land; the price of the Card will be included in the price of your air ticket.
  • Also, at a Mexico embassy in the US, before traveling
  • On the immigration desk at the Mexico airport as soon as you land.
  • At the Mexico port of call, in case you are traveling by sea
  • At the entry point, if you are to go by land

Can everyone with a Green Card travel to Mexico?

Yeah, only US Green Card holders are permitted to travel to Mexico if they consider getting a Mexican visa, not minding your nationality. But then, you do need to get a Mexican tourist card, a different document from a visa, because this does not require you to visit a Mexican embassy or consulate to get it.

These tourist cards for Mexico are easily obtained from airlines. The fee is included in the ticket price for some companies and hence distributed to the passengers before the plane lands.

Again, you can get a tourist card on arrival or online.

 Costa Rica

Costa Rica is another visa-free country for US green card holders, with its beautiful forests, beaches, rich culture, and welcoming people. According to the country’s consular services, a Green Card holder does not have to apply for a Costa Rica visa to visit and stay there. All that is needed from them is to present to the immigration officers at the port of entry includes:

  • Your Green Card
  • Your passport
  • An onward journey ticket r a return ticket within the next 30 days

Costa Rica visa-free is for 30 days for US green card holders, though for a period longer than that, you will need to apply for if you want to stay longer than permitted, you will have to seek an extension from the Office of Migration in Costa Rica.


We are talking about Georgia in Europe; even though it is not at the top of most people’s European places, there is much to find and do in Georgia. It is not just home to Europe’s most fantastic village, Ushguli, a very cool place, but you could take a walk around Tbilisi or visit the mysterious cave cities. The people here are also said to be very welcoming and friendly.

Green Card holders only have to show their Green Card, passport, and a return or onward flight ticket. They could stay for up to 90 days in 180 days.

 The British Virgin Islands

A US Green Card grants the holders entry into the British Virgin Islands. You will also need proof of accommodation in one of the islands, like a hotel reservation, proof that you have booked a return flight ticket, and your passport.

They are allowed to visit and be there for 30 days without a visa.

The British Virgin Islands are an extensive group of islands in the Caribbean and are part of the British overseas territories. These islands are known for the sunny weather, reef-lined beaches, and as a popular sailing place.

 Aruba and Curaçao

The US Green Card holders can visit and stay in Curacao, Aruba, and any islands that make up the Caribbean part of the Netherlands Kingdoms.

  • Aruba
  • St Maarten
  • Bonaire
  • Saba
  • St Eustatius
  • Curaçao

The islands above are great places for anyone seeking to have some time in the sun, and due to their diversity, there is a lot to see and do.

Note that US green card holders are not entering the European part of the Netherlands or other Schengen Area countries with their Green Cards.

 The Balkans

Several Balkan countries will allow US green card holders to travel to their country without a Visa.

  • Albania: permits US green card holders to enter and stay in Albania for 90 days within 180 days.
  • Montenegro: With a US visa or Green Card, you can enter and stay in Montenegro, “Black Mountain,” for like 30 days.
  • North Macedonia: If you have obtained a US Green Card, you may enter and stay in North Macedonia for up to 15 days.
  • Balkan countries have a beautiful history, friendly people, a diverse nature for adventure lovers, and a lot of ancient historical attractions. And most importantly, this place is very affordable and has delicious food.


US Green Card also allows their holders to transit via Singapore for up to four days – but only if they have a Chinese or Indian passport. Chinese and Indian nationals are eligible for the Singaporean Visa Free Transit Facility if they possess the following requirements:

  • They will leave the country by air or sea
  • They have obtained a US Green Card or another valid visa
  • They have a valid flight ticket or a ferry/cruise ticket scheduled to leave Singapore within the next 96 hours.

If you meet the abovementioned requirements, you are expected to present them at the Singaporean Immigration Services at the point of entry. You can only use the Visa Free Transit Facility once during the same trip, either on your onward or return journey.


Peru is another country you can visit with a US Green Card, but only if you are a Chinese or Indian national. This country is home to countless ancient civilizations and cultures, including Machu Picchu. There are many reasons to visit Peru, especially if you are passionate about archaeology and ancient history.

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But you will have to show the Green Card, your passport, and an onward flight ticket to the Peruvian Immigration officers at the entrance. The officers, in turn, will give you a tourist card, which will show how many days you are allowed to stay in Peru. But this is usually at most 90 days.

Following your review of the countries listed above that do not require US green card holders to obtain visas, we are confident that you now understand which nations do not require this step.

Note: If you have questions or corrections regarding this post, kindly use the comment box below.

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