Google Certification for Free: How to get  2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about Google Certification for Free: How to get  2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

Students from all over the world may enroll in the Google Career Certification Courses; there is no cost, and the application process is completed online. Candidates may submit as many applications as they like, but we suggest choosing the course that best fits your needs.

Candidates will receive an online certification upon completion of the Google Online Course, which is a great addition to your resumes and may help you find employment.

The Google programs are self-paced, so applicants can enrol anytime from their homes’ convenience. The available courses are free, and there is no application fee when applying for the Google Career Certification.

You must build an online profile and apply for Google Courses. The application process is straightforward, so we urge applicants not to pass up this chance. Candidates enrolling in Google’s online courses must commit 10 hours per week to completing the program.

The courses are offered in various majors, including project management, data analysis, IT automation, digital marketing, and e-commerce. The available courses are in high demand right now. Therefore we strongly advise male and female prospects to sign up for them and take advantage of the chance to make money through online platforms.

The world has changed, and the IT industry is rising with every person connected to the internet. This shows that behaviour change impacts the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the digital economy. This is your chance to update your CVs with Google Certificates. For further information about the Google Career Certificates, check the details below and apply.

The majority of these courses are accessible to beginners and don’t require any prior knowledge or experience. These courses can be used to develop various skills that will be useful at work.

This post will go through various courses that can improve your skills for the workplace and your resume.

Let’s get started on the piece now.

Best Free Google Certification Courses (2023)

  1. Google Workspace Administrator for professionals.

The Google Professional Workspace Administrator course is a free Google offering. You don’t need any prior expertise to enrol in this course because it is beginner-friendly. Since the training covers all the essentials, even someone with no prior knowledge of the professional workplace issue can quickly catch on.

You will receive a certificate when you finish this course, which is a free certification program. You can complete this course in 1-2 months if you go by the average time; it is ideal if you want something quick.

This course’s material will cover the fundamentals of setting up and maintaining a Google Workspace account. Additionally, you can learn how to manage users and administer tasks more effectively. Organizations and business owners will benefit greatly from this course.

  1. Certification for Google IT Support

Anyone who wants to learn IT skills or advance their IT career should take the Google IT Support Professional Certificate course. Because this course is beginner-friendly, anyone can enrol without training or expertise.

Assuming you put in 10 hours each week, you should be able to finish this course in about six months. Even though the course is lengthy, it covers every crucial topic needed to train a person for professional IT vocations and positions.

Therefore, the certificate issued at the end is extremely valuable for your resume. This course’s fundamental competencies are mostly broken down into five sections. You can improve computer networking, the fundamentals of IT assistance, operating systems, etc., with the aid of these courses.

  1.  Google Ads Certification

You may learn anything about Google Ads at Google Skillshop, formerly called Academy For Ads. Most of Google’s revenue comes from this, and the pay-per-click system is well-liked.

You must acquire this expertise because most companies use Google Ads for their digital advertising, which is how they promote their brands. On Google Skillshop, you can find a variety of Google Ads-related courses, and this is one of them.

It would be quite beneficial for you to gain this ability and pursue a career because many organizations need employees with ad management abilities. You only need to sign up for a Google Skillshop account and choose the Google Ads Certification course to enrol in this course. The course exam must be passed with a score of at least 80% to receive Google Ads certification.

  1. Professional Certificate for Google UX Design

If you want to create a website or mobile app, the user experience is the first thing you should concentrate on because if you can’t provide people with a wonderful user experience, your website or app won’t be successful.

You must have UX design abilities to create a stunning user interface, and the Google UX Design Professional course can help you develop those skills.

You must pass seven courses before calling yourself a UX designer. These courses include Create High-Fidelity Prototypes & Designs, Build Wireframes, Foundations of UX Design, Starting the UX Design Process, Conducting UX Research, Responsive Web Design, and Design A User Experience For Social Good.

This course may be found on Coursera, taught by Google Career Certificates.

  1. Google AI

Google AI is a learning platform that offers courses on artificial intelligence and how it may effectively assist humanity. With this, it also gains much knowledge about how AI functions across many platforms and services.

One of the best Google initiatives is the certification for this course. But because this course is expert level, it would be difficult for beginners or novices to understand.

It includes some amazing insights for professionals and specialists in AI that can help you comprehend how AI and machine learning work. The fact that this course has no time limit is its best feature. It can be finished anytime you’d like, at your leisure.

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Final Thoughts

The best free Google certification training is now complete. All of the courses on our list will help you increase your knowledge while also awarding you a certificate that will look good on a resume. And also, this will help you get Google certification for free.

Therefore, try these free courses out right away without any reluctance.

Note: If you have questions or corrections regarding this post, kindly use the comment box below.


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