Apply or Eudemonia Learnership and Working Opportunities 2024-2025

We are pleased to inform you about Eudemonia Learnership and Working Opportunities 2024-2025

Due to the pandemic that hits all countries in the world, the number of unemployment has rapidly risen dramatically. It is tragic how people who are competing to find jobs need to complete more with the higher percentage of unemployed people. Oddly, the number of unemployed women is higher than men. It further inspires Eudemonia to provide Eudemonia learnership and working opportunities.

Eudemonia is a 100% female organization that was formed in order to meet the challenges of youth employment and reduce unemployment in South Africa. By engaging yourself in Eudemonia, you will be able to participate in the learnership and have opportunities for the working experience.

Learning Programme

Eudemonia learnership and working opportunities will bring you the workplace-based learning assignment. By having these assignments, all applicants will rise up their individual skills, especially on the job that has their personal interests. Thus, it is very crucial that these opportunities will display whether or not someone has the capabilities to fulfill the standard.

Furthermore, Eudemonia has a few different assessment methods. By having these methods, the learners will have a helicopter view to get to know their overall skills level and what to improve. They are observation, simulation, questioning, and also testing. These are compulsory and mandatory for all applicants to complete.

Working Opportunity

On the other hand, you can also start up your own business from the very beginning to your success with Eudemonia. When you are busy gaining experience, you can also earn passive income by selling mobile airtime or data with their Next360 SIM card from Shoprite, PnP, etc. Besides, you will get a commission from the purchases they made.

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For some people, the ability to sell things might not be for everyone. Hence, Eudemonia helps people to start off their careers by introducing people to buying the Next360 SIM card. Moreover, for any purchases, you will earn a commission.

Specifically, the first step you need to do is to identify the potential buyer. Second, you need to engage with your potential buyers. It could be by talking in your communities. Once they are interested to buy, you can get the commission. These are the remuneration details you will get for any purchases, as follows.

On the first purchase that your clients make, you will get 10 percent off the commission. Second, once the clients top up their airtime or data, you will also get a 3 percent commission. Further, the applicants will get R25 as a bonus when the clients port their mobile numbers to Next360. In addition, you can go through this link when you think that you are able to gain a lot of money by starting this business.


Moreover, for further information on Eudemonia learnership and working opportunities, you can call 012 943 5766. Alternatively, you can also send an email to

Closing Date

Finally, there is no closing date for applying for Eudemonia learnership and working opportunities. Thus, as long as the application is doable via online, you can apply for it at any time.

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