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Brief details about Bodoland University

Bodoland University, established in 2009, is a state university located in Debargaon, Kokrajhar, Bodoland. It is the first and only university in the Bodoland Territorial Area Districts region.

Information presented on this page concerns the Official Bodoland University Website Login Home where you can be updated on everything about this great Institution. This is created for Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Staff & Parent to create an account and perform certain Academic Activities at ease.

Why Studying at Bodoland University

Here are some reasons why you should opt to study at the Bodoland University. First, the Bodoland University is recognized in India, you will have the opportunity to get an internationally recognized qualification. Many of the Bodoland University graduates have jobs and almost all have jobs within a few months after graduating, unless they choose for a specific reason not to enter formal employment.

You will acquire an education that extends beyond the classroom curriculum. At the Bodoland University, you will have the opportunity to hone your leadership skills through engagement in societies, clubs, residence committees

It will expose you to some of the best researchers and teachers in India. The quality of your education is directly related to the quality of the faculty staff teaching you. from, At the Bodoland University, researchers of outstanding quality teaching, and teachers of outstanding quality do research, so that the latest scholarly work, teaching methods, and practical experience are incorporated into your curriculum.

The Bodoland University offers a full range of Programs. Bodoland University’s Courses/Programs have been carefully designed to ensure that each student is well prepared for the work environment of the 21st century.

Note: on to the Bodoland University website, you will get an insight about: (the Bodoland University, Application, Courses/ Programs,  Ranking, Tuition Fees, Admission, Scholarships, Bodoland University Contact/Email…and lots more

How to log in to Bodoland University Student Portal Login

If you are a new student, your User ID is your Student Number and your Password is also your Student Number. If you are a continuing student, your User ID is your Registration No. ( Access Number) and your password is also your Registration No.

Note: you can visit and access the Bodoland University portal login using a computer or mobile by following the links provided respectively. To log in, Kindly follow this link... or (Bodoland University portal)

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Facts to Note about Higher education in India

India’s higher education system is the third-largest in the world, next to the United States and China. The main governing body at the tertiary level is the University Grants Commission, which enforces its standards, advises the government, and helps coordinate between the centre and the state. Accreditation for higher learning is overseen by 15 autonomous institutions established by the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Indian higher education is radical in terms of accessibility, and needs radical reforms in standards, giving value, and pacing. A focus on enforcing both streamlining and holding higher standards of the curriculum with the help of international academic publishers for transparency, making the vocational and doctoral education pipeline value-oriented and innovative

furthermore, India is believed to have had a functioning system of higher education as early as 1000 B.C. Unlike present-day universities, these ancient learning centers were primarily concerned with dispersing Vedic education. The modern Indian education system finds its roots in colonial legacy. The British Government used the university system as a tool of cultural colonization…read more

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