10 Best Town Planning Courses in Australia Available Online 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

We are pleased to inform you about 10 Best Town Planning Courses in Australia Available Online 2023-2024 | Application & Requirements

The definition of town planning given by the Collins dictionary is “the planning and design of all new buildings, roads, and parks in a place to make them attractive and convenient for the people who live there.” It may seem like such a difficult chore to join the organisation that aids communities in determining the layout of the locations they care about. However, this post is here to make it simpler for you to quickly earn your certification as a town planner.

Online town planning courses are available in Australia to assist people in becoming contributing members of the communities in which they reside. In 2023, this article will attempt to evaluate the top 10 online town planning programs available in Australia; for the time being, let’s look at the lives of

When you think about how people in your community live, work, and travel, do you see something different, better, and much more liveable? Are they housing, recreational, and transport ideas in your head that you believe can improve the living condition of the world? If that is you, then you make a great fit.

How do you become a town planner in Australia?

In Australia, to become qualified to work as a town or an urban planner (as it is popularly referred to), you will require a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate qualification in urban or environmental planning. The successful completion of a degree in any relevant field, such as a Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning or a Bachelor of Urban and Environmental Planning, will confer you with the proper theoretical and practical knowledge to become an urban planner. These degrees usually take up to 4 years to complete.

Next, you must seek out work placement opportunities to gain more skills, and then afterward, you would need to apply to the Planning Institute of Australia to become a member.

Next, you should consider obtaining a postgraduate qualification such as a Master of City Planning or a Master of Urban and Regional Planning. And considering the busy life of a town or urban planner, we have taken the time to provide you with the ten best town planning online courses you could apply for in Australia to further strengthen your knowledge and sharpen your skill set. These courses are delivered 100% online, enabling you to continue working full-time.

Tasks and Duties of a Town Planner:

Below is a list of the tasks and duties of a town planner you should be aware of.

• Helping clients obtain required permits.
• Facilitating meetings with local government officials, developers, and the public regarding development plans and land use.
• Conducting intense market, economic and environmental research using data.
• Tasked with the review of site plans submitted by developers.
• Assessing the feasibility of proposals and recommending whether they should proceed.
• Staying up to date with zoning and building codes, environmental regulations, and other legal issues.

10 Best Town Planning Courses Online in Australia in 2023

We have taken the time to provide you with a list of the ten best town planning courses available online in Australia in 2023. Here, let’s take a quick look.

 UTS Graduate Certificate in Urban Planning and Design (Online)

The University of Technology Sydney offers this program. The program is designed for professionals desirous of urban planning and design careers. Under the program, you will have the requisite foundational knowledge and skills to function as a town planner.

This course exposes you to the need for sustainable urban development and teaches you how to achieve that. The program is richly designed and embedded with industry-informed content and real-world case studies, enabling students to grasp and build their practical skillset. This program is one of Australia’s best town planning online courses open to candidates from diverse professional backgrounds.

  UTS Graduate Diploma in Urban Design (Online)

This program is offered by the University of Technology Sydney and is designed for professionals with a background in design. Professionals with a strategic planning or architecture background will find this program a great fit.

This online design program is designed to help professionals achieve the highest level of skill in urban design. Through studio-based projects and rich course content, UTS has developed a program that can help any professional design creative and sustainable solutions to serve communities and the world.

  Graduate Certificate in Development Planning

Curtin University offers this program. The program is designed for graduate students and structured to help you identify urban and regional planning principles and concepts. In this program, students are encouraged to practice planning by referencing the Australian framework’s social, economic, and environmental factors, particularly in Australia.

  Graduate Certificate in Urban and Regional Planning

This is another carefully developed program by The University of Queensland. Employers recognize this program in Australia as having the ability to deliver high-quality, job-ready graduates.
The program allows you through its flexible and practical elective courses. The learning structure is highly collaborative and gives you access to your team and external bodies while addressing real planning challenges.

  Master of Planning

Designed by Macquarie University to help professionals demonstrate practical and applied knowledge and skill of planning theory. This program is designed to help students bridge the gap between planning and governance/legal principles. It comprises 16 subject areas and is highly recommended for professionals.
Students in this program evaluate different planning and sustainability theories while applying this knowledge to contemporary issues.

  Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

This program is a 32-subject course offered by the University of Southern Queensland. The program affords every student the avenue to gain knowledge of the planning legislation of Queensland and New South Wales.

Successful completion of this program will produce career-ready professionals, skilled and fit to work as urban and regional planners. The program boasts modules designed to aid professionals in critically reviewing, analyzing, consolidating, and evaluating large amounts of data to generate sustainable and inventive solutions to solve high-level problems in urban and regional planning.

  Rural Resource Planning

Designed and also offered by Curtin University to help students examine relevant concepts, issues, and theories militating against rural planning. This course further explores the relationship/link between social, economic, and environmental issues and the effect of change in remote/rural communities.
Chiefly, this program focuses on the complexities seen in rural planning and seeks to train professionals who can think critically and creatively to address these identified issues.

  Development Regulation

The University of South Australia offers this program, which spans ten weeks of intense studies. At the end of this 10-week course, participants are expected to understand the development and control principles that apply to different localities and projects in Australia. The Building code of Australia is a massive part of this program; thus, the statute and its provisions are carefully considered at every level of the program.

  Reserve System Planning

A program in town planning offered by Tasmania University and designed to last for 14 weeks. Upon completing this program, students should be able to properly hold academic discussions geared towards understanding the methods, priorities, and purposes that have led to establishing the Australian National Reserve System. Participants at the end of this program can analyze collaborative processes between the government and other institutions in the society to identify and achieve protected areas.

 Asia-Pacific Cities

A program in town planning offered by La Trobe University and designed to achieve completion at the end of 12 weeks. This program seeks to assess and evaluate contemporary Asia-Pacific cities by employing sustainability and liveability measurements. The program aims to help students acquire skills to help them apply critical research insights on Asia-Pacific cities to assigned urban policies, programs, and projects.

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